HAPPY NEW… Oh sod it, let’s talk about hardcore gay porn instead

The Gee Spot 07.01.2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yeah, I’m sick of hearing that too… Christmas and new year are so dead to me now. I’m back in work, had a cold all week and my body clock is so out of sync that I actually believe I’m on minus hours sleep. But, big cheesy grins because it’s Friday afternoon and the weekend awaits. Yay!

So what to do? If you’re like me, you spent most of your money over Christmas and are now having to be more frugal than usual. (Well, the same as every January really.) So, I’ve got some bargain ways to stay happy and horny this month.

Prowler stores are selling the Dieux Du Stade calendar and ‘making of’ DVD together for just £35 – and that will last you a full year. You’ve just gotta see the massive pull-out poster that comes with it. Hot men diving into the mud for some balls… Well, we’ve all done it!

Let’s face it - the best way to spend your weekends when you’re strapped for cash is shagging. So either get on to and get someone round for a few hours or what about having a real pornstar’s cock rammed up your hole? Newly released are the life-size dildos of Johnny Hazzard and Steven Daigle. They cost next to nothing and just think how great it would be to be watching Johnny on screen and feeling his cock up you at the same time.

Speaking of porn, out this week is the eye-watering (yet fucking hot) film from CockyBoys. It Hurts So Good shows a group of spunk-filled young lads pounding each other hard and fast. Also out this week is The Power House from Alphamale Media – lots of big, butch guys to make your mouth water. And if you really can’t be arsed going to your local sex shop – take a look at There’s a whole Alphamale Media section to get you all hot and bothered.

But of course the biggest news to come out today has nothing to do with sex at all - although I’m sure this news will excite most of you. Star Wars is finally being released on Blu-Ray! There’s a really good trailer I found for it on What would we do without the tube?

There are loads of great porn titles due for release over the next few months. There are so many boxes of porn mounting up around me it looks like I’m building a fort. As a small preview, the picture above is of the gorgeous Tony Thorne from the new film Banged Up: Hard coming out next month. More to cum…

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