Cool Yule? No, it’s bloody freezing!

The Gee Spot 17.12.2010

And I wouldn’t mind but it’s our staff Christmas party tonight and I don’t want to be slipping on the snow and ice in my pissed-up state. My boyfriend has warned me not to kiss anyone… that’s like telling me not to breathe. There is karaoke though, so that will keep me (and no one else) entertained for the best part of the evening.

Hello peeps; it’s your favourite time of the week again when the porn guru (that’s me) entertains you with tales of tails both big and huge. First package to show you is the one in the new Wonder Jock. Yes, you heard me right; Aussie Bum has designed underwear that finally fits your cock in and accentuates it too. There’s a wonderful clip of hot n hung guys showing off in these great pants and you can get yourself a pair from Prowler stores across the country.

Seducing Straight Boys isn’t the title of my life but is in fact the new release from Zipper Video. Directed by Mike Esser, these are the real life stories of straight men that have sex with men. (In my book that makes them gay – but each to their own!) The DVD is hot and stars two of my favourite boys - Will Jamieson (pictured above) and Harry Louis. Also hot off the press this week is the awesome twink-fest from DreamBoy. Produced by Eurocreme, CamBoy is a saucy little number that will have your cock twitching and your balls aching for release.

Can’t open your front door for snow? Not a problem, log onto and you’ll find the whole DreamBoy collection and loads of other hot studios there too.

Speaking of twitching cock, ever wondered what it would feel like to have your own cock inside you? You can get moulds of pornstar’s cocks all the time and now you can do yourself (so to speak). The CloneBoy actually clones your cock and makes it into a usable dildo made from rubber – how amazing is that? It’s only £60 as well – I’ve paid more than that for a dildo before. I really want one!

I have nothing planned this weekend except recovering from my inevitable hangover tomorrow and seeing my gorgeous boy on Sunday. Though if he gives me his cold, he’s a dead man! Next week I’m only here for three days so am planning a bumper Christmas edition on Wednesday. Until then, have fun and don’t worry about not getting out of the house because of the snow, that’s what the internet is there for.

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