Robert Cook

It’s four years old now, so if you aren’t aware of Kaiserin (calling itself a magazine for boys with problems)...

you should get on it.

It’s an independently published bi-annual magazine. Each month there’s a theme, and a variety of established and emerging artists from different sectors contribute. It’s French, but bi-lingual so you don’t need a translator to read it. There’s also regular partial and full nudity, so it can keep even those less culturally inclined leafing through.

They did an exhibition once, to give you an idea...

The current issue Territoires occupés is still available, and includes content from journalist and artchitect Felix Burrichter and photographer/graphic designer/typographer Simon Rivero. They also have a ‘hors-série’ issue, which at the moment is ‘Slovensko: A Pornographic Road Trip’.

We’re happy to admit to being boys with problems.

The new issue is due next month, and once they’ve sold that’s it.

Get yours from: Prowler Soho, 5-7 Brewer Street, London W1F or online at

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