GTea Break

New scissor sisters video up! We know cos Kylie told us.

(and 404,018 others on twitter).

It's horror film inspired, we likey. We might even fancy the trampy hypnotist. But you have to scoot over here as it's a pitchfork exclusive.

We gave you our gut reactions YONKS AGO, but it still sounds a bit Thriller, and:

1. It's Very Good.

2. It's an album track. It sounds like an album track. But a very good album track. (update: is it a single now?)

3. Doesn't his voice sound deep in the verses?

4. It sounds like someone took the 3rd Disc of a best of the 80s Boxset, and gave it some kind of complicated Smirnoff-esque distilling process to come out with one - albeit quite long - track.

5. "Laser Gays"

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