Will you be getting screwed this Christmas?

The Gee Spot 10.12.2010

It’s cold, like really cold. Thank goodness I did all of my Christmas shopping online last month so I don’t have to brave the freezing weather this weekend.

You don’t even need to fight your way through the crowds to get this week’s offerings of porn either. Luckily, there is now a new Video On Demand service called
All the big studios are on there: Bel Ami, Cazzo, Eurocreme, Hot House and loads more with hundreds of films. It’s always nice to have the physical DVD, but when your cock needs to unload instantly, this is the perfect solution.

Especially for you guys, I’ve got a code that gives you double money on the site. Just enter LAUNCHFUN69 when you join and how every much money you put into your account you’ll get twice as much in credits. Offer ends in two weeks, so do it now to save you tons of money.

For those of you who will be braving the weather and fighting for the last Christmas pudding (Waitrose have sold out of the Heston Blumenthal one already) and you want to pick up the latest DVD, there’s a real corker out this week. On exclusive release to Prowler stores across the country is Men at Play’s Gentlemen. Hot guys in suits in an epic three-hour movie that will have you hot n sweaty in no time.

It was our staff Christmas dinner on Wednesday. We did Secret Santa gifts and I got a pair of Diesel gloves which was a really cool present. Six hours of drinking, me having to be carried home by my boyfriend, Imran and falling unconscious on the sofa – upright! As you can image, yesterday was a bitch of a day… oh the joys of Christmas. I’ll be drinking loads more this weekend as my Dad is coming down for an early Christmas celebration. I’ve just got to remember not to mix champagne, wine and beer in the same night.

I was a Chippendale this afternoon. Seriously! I found this fun website called Jib Jab where you can upload your picture and have yourself animated on a different body. There’s loads of Christmas stuff up there at the moment, most of it’s free and you can email someone to make them smile. (My Mum looks great as an Elf.)

But if you’re just looking to get screwed this weekend, go into any department store. You just know they’ve bumped up their prices for Christmas. (Online is the way forward.) Or for a more pleasant experience, you could get your hands (and hole) on this extreme-looking but very cool range of arse toys. Don’t worry; they’re not really metal!

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