Stuck for something to buy your significant other gay this Christmas?

Molton Brown gift set. Simples.

Our favourite smellies company have several out in time for The Christmas. There’s one based on The Color Purple. How gay is that? What’s next, Big Business (where you get two of everything in the box, and the box is branded Moromax Brown instead. That was a joke for the older gays.)

Obviously our favourite is the Heart of Darkness set. Not just because we have a heart of darkness, but because it’s got our favourite Molton Brown ‘black pepper’ products in it. We love the black pepper stuff so much we could actually BATHE in it. Oh, we do. *sniffs self deeply*

Normally on our blogs we’d have some gratuitous video to follow. We asked the people at Molton Brown Towers if they did promotional videos of the more mature, solvent gentleman soaping up in the shower using said products but the line went dead. (It didn’t really, but we hope we’ve sewn a seed for their next marketing campaign).

We suppose all that’s left to say is that you can get the gift sets for as little as £35 (not the best ones, obviously, just in case you’re thinking of getting us one) from posh shops that gays usually shop in. And also online at

There really *should* be a naked video here. It’s like we have a problem now. At least we smell good.

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