Gay Santa’s photos revealed

The Gee Spot 03.12.2010

Well, not so much Santa, as just me in a Santa hat (above). We had our work photos taken today for our staff Christmas card. I can’t believe there’s only 22 days left until Christmas; how did that happen? And how come I feel like a kid again. I can’t remember being this excited about Christmas for a long time.

With the run up to Christmas comes loads of parties. I have one next week and two the week after. With parties come lots of alcohol, lots of food and lots of hot guys gagging for it. (In my world at least.) So you’ve got to be prepared. Luckily, Prowler Soho have put together two Christmas Hampers; Weekend Fun has all the supplies you’ll need for your conquests and if you’re lucky enough to keep them for Christmas Day, there’s also the I’m So Gay hamper with lots of fun things to make any man smile on the big day.

You can also pick up your stimulants, aromas, condoms and lube in any Prowler and Expectations store across the country or to save you a trip out in the snow, order online.

I was out on Wednesday for World Aids Day and for the first time in my life was called a bear. At first I was offended but I’ve decided to embrace the inner bear and stop clinging onto my size 28 waist days. My favourite club is already XXL, I’m really into fetish gear and I like smoking cigars, so I should’ve known really. If you’re not sure what a bear is or if you can’t get enough of them; check out these movies on

There are some awesome DVDs released in stores across the UK this week. UKNakedMen give us the World of Spurt and Bel Ami are Too Big to Fail with a huge selection of beautiful boys weighted down by their massive members. And if you like your young guys hung, check out Euroboy’s Skinny Boys with Big Cocks – also out this week in licensed sex shops.

The big event this weekend is HOTFUKS in Manchester. It starts tonight and is at various venues across the northern gay capital aimed at the kink and fetish gays amongst us. (And us bears of course!) I would be there with you but my invitation must have got lost in the post!

And if you’re already sick of Christmas, it’s not even started yet Scrooge, so cheer up and join in. Maybe this molding of Eddie Diaz’s cock will put a smile on your face; it would me! Happy Christmas shopping everyone.

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