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"Coolest club night in London" iD Magazine

London is full of clubs, parties, but there are some some parties you need to attend just like some must-haves when it comes to fashion. One of the most eccentric parties is THE FACE with it's all glitter in the air, eclectic music, almost haute couture fashion and excess. Hosted by Rosemary Turner (who we absolutely adore), extraoridinaire Alejandro Gocast and legendary Steve Strange (VISAGE) creator of the BLITZ night club and one of the biggest most influential fashion movements. What do you can expect? Crowds - that's for sure - models, fashion designers, make up artists, stylists. artists, punks, twinks, club kids, rebells. Many new bands are being discovered during the night full of pop, rock and electronic vibes that will rock your body. Just take a look at the video.

Come and see the people parents warned you about.

(and RIP the mag. we miss you)

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