Plumber comes round to check out my pipes

The Gee Spot 26.11.2010

Well, there was a huge turn out of people for Ben Cohen at Prowler Soho last week. Men of all ages were queuing around the block to meet the English Rugby stud muffin. Even Sergi who works in accounts here at GT towers was there; running over to Ben and practically smothering him he was so excited. Bless our Sergi. If you want to get your own, signed copy of his calendar there’s still a few online you can purchase.

It’s bloody freezing outside today. I woke up this morning and the boiler had broken so no hot water or heating. I wasn’t in a good mood when I got to work. I may have to start wearing something in bed… Can one sleep in rubber? It would be warm at least!

I already have quite a lot of rubber and believe me it feels hot and looks hot. Expectations have a great range of rubber stuff including waders (I’ve got them) and a bright yellow rubber jock (need to get). And when you’re fully dressed in your warming rubber outfit – you need to show it off. In Manchester tonight is the Manchester Rubbermen’s November Meet. It starts at 9pm and is held at The Eagle. And for us down south, it’s Rut’s 2nd birthday tonight. Leather and rubber only and it’s always a packed and brilliant night.

For us lot who will be staying in tonight, (well, after a few drinks after work of course) here’s my selection of hot porn viewing and toys:

Falcon has done it again with another brilliant release. Big Wood is hot from start to finish and Michell Rock is looking better than ever now that he’s trimmed down. The film has just been released so grab it quick before it sells out – and it will. Also out this week is Real Urban Men’s Desire for Hire. Beautiful, buff black men with spunk all over their mouths and bodies – what could be hotter. You can also see the other films from Real Urban Men online at

You only really need one item to go with the porn, just take a look at the Silicone Analogous Valve. Not only does it look the business you know that the vibration is gonna tip you over the edge time and again. Combine that with some rubber waders and Big Wood and you’ve got a whole weekend sorted!

Right, I’ve got to go and see if this plumber can give my boiler a good cleaning out. Have a great weekend.

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