Black Eyed Peas: The Time (Dirty Bit) It's a new song, there's a video.

Are BEP's a guilty pleasure? Can they just stick to being good?

For every Meet Me Half Way classy pop moment, there's a Don't Phunk With My Heart. And then something like My Humps, which we think is genius bordering on novelty Agadoo territory...

With this in mind, we approached the new Black Eyed Peas single with excitement mingled with fear. We had to watch this peeking between our fingers.

We kept our hands in front of our faces for the patrick-wolf-dirty-dancing-flashdance-debate and then it went all GUTTERSLUT (East London gay rave vibe) on our asses for the 'dirty bit'. Then shouting. Then back to being hideous. Then batshit mental again.

Oh peas, just like you, we can't make up your minds.

P.S. This new press shot makes the band look like Semi Precious Weapons. Just sayin'.

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