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The new Klaxons video is all a bit polymorphous perverse

Hold on to your breakfast...

So yeah. Watch the new Klaxons video, you might have to sign in, and let us know if you can keep it down.

The song is a bit Klaxons-lite (where are the casio rave effects?) but we still like it. Reminds us of Britpop obscurity The Junket...

In other news, we said hello to Rufus Wainwright this morning. He's doing a 5 day stint at the Royal Opera House in July, more on that later.

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How very Hieronymus Bosch! Extremely clever use of video morphing. I was, at the same time, repelled and totally transfixed, in the way that one doesn't want to look too closely at a road accident, but can't help slowing down for a better view.

Added by tenerifegaydj

22/11/2010 22:06:43