Ben Cohen wants you to touch him

The Gee Spot 19.11.2010

Seriously, Ben Cohen, the English rugby player who is probably the hottest bear in the world (but unfortunately straight) will be at Prowler Soho tomorrow afternoon. He’s touting his new calendar (see an extract from it above) and will be signing copies and meeting the people that truly worship him… us! How can someone that beautiful, hairy, muscled and yet soft looking be straight? He screams gay wet dream. So if you want to go along, get a signed calendar and slip him your number on a sexy picture of yourself (just in case he decides to swing) he’ll be at Prowler’s London store from 3pm tomorrow.

But if you can’t get to London to pick up your copy of Ben Cohen’s calendar tomorrow you can still buy it online and have those puppy dog eyes starring at you all year round.

And if you don’t manage to catch the very delicious but already attached and most definitely straight Ben Cohen in the flesh, not to fret as you can get your furry fix from the new Butch Dixon DVD. Bare Boned is chock full of butch bearded bears who fuck like rabbits on steroids. Get your copy in store or see it online at But if you prefer your men a little less hairy and little more toned to perfection, then also out on DVD this week is The Art of Fucking. A massive 3 disc collection with over 7 hours of truly hot men performing the sex that we only wish we could have.

I feel like a bit of a sex waiter when I talk about the next part. Instead of recommending wine with your meal, I always recommend the toys you can be using with your porn! Let’s face it, we all want a bit of Tony Buff inside us and this very realistic dildo should satisfy most men. (Especially when you see who it’s modeled on… woof!) To keep your cock strong and happy in your self-worship session, get yourself some Golden Root Maximum Strength. And that would wash down nicely with a glass of beaujolais nouveau. (Well, this is the only weekend your gonna get it.)

Sex and the City 2 is out on DVD and Blu-ray in 10 days – but we can go even gayer than that. Bear City is the male equivalent with more sexual tension, more testosterone and even more bitchiness - if that’s even possible. I have a copy sitting on my desk now and I can tell you it is brilliant. (My housemate Jon will now be screaming at me to bring it home!)

As for me, I’m off to see Harry Potter this evening and then hunting to find a bar that’s selling beaujolais nouveau in Islington. Hey, I’m not a 24 hour sex maniac you know, not this week anyway.

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