GTea Break

Hot Greeks just stepping out of the pool, into the jacuzzi, etc in BREAKING SHOWBIZ NEWS*

(*traces of actual news tbc)

We love you lot over on our facebook site. You're not immune to the odd nutter, but we'll embrace you all, especially when you tell us about stuff. Someone posted, apros of nothing, a video on our groups page. It was rubbish, but it did lead us to SHIRTLESSGREEKHUNKS.COM - you couldn't make this stuff up.

There are hundreds of videos online, mostly nabbed off of what appears to be a lecherous greek chatshow. Daybreak, take note:

Effective use of split screen there, providing the aforementioned shirtlessgreekhunkTM, and a eyebrow raised woman. We enjoy watching these, while adding our own Eurotrash-style eeh-hor-eeh-hor voice over.

For those of you who like a bit more grass on the pitch, this is a two for one bargain:

It's amazing what passes for "Showbiz News" these days...

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