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Wotever’s Riot Cabaret this Saturday, with those dreamy bears doing Burlesque

Possibly of the Cherguilerra kind, we'll just have to see.

Tomorrow the former home of Popstarz is filled to the brim with queers. Along with a bunch of performers, alternative DJs and the like, they'll get to see those talented Brits, The Dream Bears. Who were responsible for this:

Suck on that, Gary Walkers Crisps Lineker.

The Dream Bears will be modeling their new four piece line up, along with some tight lycra. Riot Cabaret is hosted by fire-eater, smut-peddler and general miscreant Ophelia Bitz and there’s a host of other performers including Michael Twaits, Dickie Beau, Dusty Limits, Mzz Kimberly and Nick Field.

Get your tickets over here. And check out the wotever website to see what they're all about.

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