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Keep it bangtidy with Murdock London

Despite the combined efforts of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter to make it properly cool again, the humble barbershop is in decline. There are just not enough men in this world rocking beards, and it's a damn shame.

But bucking the trend is the London hat trick of old school Murdock barbershop branches quietly but surely gaining a solid fanbase amongst the capital's proper gents. Shoreditch, Oxford Circus and Mayfair all have one - and we swung by the latter for a little R and R.

A shampoo and haircut at Murdock rings in at £38.50, which in our book, by London standards, is more than reasonable, bearing in mind that the bulk of Murdock's workforce are more than just handy with a pair of clippers - they're highly trained hairstylists to boot. And I might add that I'm currently sporting one of the most precise haircuts I've had in years, even if I do say so myself. And it's worth £40 odd just to experience the branch manager's genius in shampooing/head massaging, and for the friendly chat about male grooming. Oh, we covered it all, and I was in (a sort of) heaven; everything from manicures to mustache wax, to tricks on how to soften a wiry beard (just leave ordinary hair conditioner on it for a bit. Seriously, try it).

B Stafford Street, London, W1S (020 7495 7310)

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