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Nadine Coyle's sparkly solo set at Koko in Camden last night

We popped along to the live recording of The Album Chart Show to see former Girls Aloud member Nadine Coyle sing new material from solo album Insatiable…

Considering Nadine normally performs to packed-out stadiums as a member of Girls Aloud screaming “No, No, No” in a neon swimsuit and legwarmers it must have felt a little strange for the Irish singer last night as she walked onstage wearing a diamonté dress and tried to excite a huddle or tired teenagers in Camden’s wonderfully debauched Koko.

Confident, sexy and calm, Nadine seemed at ease with herself tottering about in dangerously high heels afore a drum kit plastered with a picture of her own eyes. Appearing first in a line-up that also included McFly and Cee-Lo, it wasn’t the easiest audience to please. Predominantly Mcfly megafans, tired and thirsty after having to queue an additional hour outside in the cold due to technical difficulties (If it was McFly’s hair-technician it was worth it, Dougie’s mop was quite frankly loin-stirring*).

Trying to ignore giant banners that read ‘Marry Me Harry’**, Nadine shimmered and shimmied, flicking her gorgeous hair to the groove of her twinkly new tunes. The live band was very good, as were her incredible quartet of backing singers. Nadine’s dance moves were a bit jolty and she had a tendency to abruptly strike a rehearsed pose or particular facial expression. At times she looked a bit vulnerable trying to command a stage on her own, zigzagging back and forth around the ghosts of Nicola and Kimberley.

Her best song of the night was called Running, a Tina Turner type song with a cute keyboard melody on the chorus. For those of you already in Team Nadine we’re guessing this track is an early favourite of the new album.

To Nadine’s credit, launching a solo career is always going to be a big bite to chew, but it's not apparent what Nadine is as a solo artist. She already faces the challenge of being four girls short of a Girls Aloud hit and then there’s Cheryl Cole’s shadow to try and escape from, what we like to call Kelly Rowland Syndrome. Given these circumstances, you can see why she’s diplomatically opted for a slightly big-band Motown route, but she needs to be careful to not to come across like a glorified wedding singer.

When we look at pop music being put out by Nadine’s competitors this month the scale of this challenge becomes apparent:

Firstly there’s Rihanna with her brilliantly anthemic and effortlessly unforgettable hit ‘Only Girl In The World’. Then there’s Katy Perry stomping about at the top of the charts all day like some hot supply teacher covering for P!nk’s absence. You’ve got the tricky likes of Diana Vickers and Pixie Lott punching high for the youth market, Adele’s back with her, well, Adele music and even Robyn’s face is appearing in our tea leaves now that she’s released what is possibly the perfect pop song Hang With Me. Alexis Jordan’s busy planning some kind of SyCo chart siege too. Thank God Gaga’s on tour otherwise Nadine may as well take up golf.

Nadine’s got the figure, she’s got the voice, she’s already incredibly famous and she’s very, very sweet. We're fingers and toes, love.

We stayed around to watch a bit of McFly, and BOY have they muscled up! Tom wore a so-Soho loose vest that showed off his self-flexing physique, whilst Dougie rocked a fetching boat-shoes-with-no-socks look, and Judd looked possibly too sexy smashing all out on those drums of his.

Sadly we didn’t get to see Cee-Lo due to the evening starting late.

Nadine’s single Insatiable is available for purchase on iTunes now. And we had a quick int, yonder...

*Dougie Poynter is a member of McFly.
**Apparently there’s someone in McFly called Harry.

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