The Prowler Rangers are doing a totally un-spooky books offer this weekend.

25% off. Here's a quick top three for y'all...

From the very second this blog goes up, until 10am this Monday (1 Nov), have a quarter off all their books.

That's a lot of books, here are three we've got our wishlist-making beady eyes on:

That arty Ross Watson Book, which we're big fans of since we love a bit of Caravaggio homage, and we are obviously infatuated with a certain Mr Sagat.

You can pre-order the new John Waters book, out 2 December. We got our grubby mitts on this and devoured the whole thing in a couple of sittings. Bookworms, porn geeks, fashion disasters and any twisted thinkers will lap it up. It even tells you the exact brand and colour shade of John Water's favourite eyeliner for doing his pencil moustache... Amazing.

And finally, something entertainingly lightweight - Julian Corckle is a Filthy Liar. It's one of those books that will have you quietly chuckling, being a humorously anecdotal novel packed with Australianisms (Kath and Kim fans will love) and awkward family confessions.

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