Falcon model at Prowler Soho… TODAY!

The Gee Spot 29.10.2010

There’s a lot to be pleased about today. Firstly, flown in from America, Falcon superstar Samuel Colt (the hot guy above) will be at Prowler Soho this afternoon (from 5pm) to sign copies of his films and chat to his fans… so what are you waiting for? Stuff your cock back in your pants and get down there, you can finish reading this on your way to the store using your mobile’s internet if you have it. (I do that every Friday on my way home, and I write the bloody thing!)

Samuel Colt is a cigar smoking, beer swilling, tit-pierced, big-dicked muscled top that fucks like he’s a Duracell bunny and always shoots gallons of spunk. He mainly performs on Falcon’s Mustang label (the sleazier one) and you can grab a copy of his DVD, Rhodes’ Rules today and have him sign it for you.

It’s also Friday, and payday, and Halloween this weekend – so a parade of parties that we can dress up for and have the money to enjoy ourselves. I don’t think there’s one club across the country that hasn’t got into the Halloween spirit (or zombie, vampire, ghoul… OK, I’ll stop now). I find pound shops are good for cheap costumes as an hour after you get to the club, they’ll be destroyed anyway – or is that me just being a cheap bitch? I also advice taking some Rampant with you (just in case) as even the hottest man may not make your dick hard when you’re trying to fuck him in the bogs while pulling up his plastic, witch shirt!

And after Halloween is Bonfire Night and a double blink later and it’s Christmas again. I don’t know why this comes as a shock to us, but we always leave it till the last minute. Take my advice… don’t! Get it all done in November and chill out in December. Prowler have got their Christmas shop online already and there are some really camp and glitzy pieces in there that you won’t find anywhere else. I just love the rocking reindeers.

So what’s on TV this weekend? Nothing. TV is dead to me, I just watch stuff on DVD/Bluray or online streaming these days. So after you’ve been dressing up for Halloween get on to and see two and a half hours of hot men dressing down and getting dirty. Let’s face it, with all this running about we’ll be doing this weekend, we’ll need an instant release at some point.

I need to get my outfit sorted for this weekend. I wonder if Pound Land is open after six?!?

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