Jamie Tabberer

Halloween hell - and it's not what you think

The things we put ourselves through for you lot.

So we decided we wanted to do a little blog on Southern Comfort's Halloween cocktail (*ghostly, drunken wail*) Voodoo Jam and include a recipe for it and everything. It was a cute idea in theory but in practice it's been torturous.

We've had that mouthwatering image hanging around our virtual desktops all afternoon, and to add insult to injury, below our actual desktops is an as of yet unopened bottle of Southern Comfort. Well, this is a place of business, And the last time Southern Comfort came to visit they brought a scantily clad New Orleans showgirl who distracted the working day for all the wrong reasons, so we thought we'd make it a more muted affair this time around.

Anyway, we're now going to give you the damn recipe and go on about how nice the cocktail in question is even though we've not tried it yet (and of course it'll be nice, anything with Southern Comfort in it tastes nice, like Dolly Mixture), and then, at the stroke of 6 o'clock we're running to the bike sheds to neck it.

Voodoo Jam


40ml Southern Comfort
1 heaped teaspoon of strawberry jam
20ml lemon juice
30ml orange juice
30ml light red wine (pinot noir)
Dash of bitters
Garnish - mint/orange slice/strawberry

Basically, add all the ingredients into a glass (or if you want to be authentic, a jam jar) of cubed ice and give it a good shake.

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