GTea Break

TRADE The 20th Birthday

And a quick game of Snog Marry Avoid

So, important bits first: Snog (middle or left) Marry (right) and Avoid (none). We don't know, it's so hard to tell with DJs, the look all mean and moody behind the decks, but who knows what they're like once the concentration has worn off.

Objectification aside, in the first of many what-shall-I-do-with-my-Halloween-weekend blogs, we bring you details of Trade's 20th Birthday – they're a mere decade off gay retirement. (JOKE).

It's this Saturday night/Sunday morning, 5am till very late, and you can expect something like this:

*whoops, blows whistle, gets ushered out of the office*

DEETS: 31st October @ Arcadia, 51-53 Southwark Street, London Bridge, SE1 1RU, you can get your tickets at Prowler Soho...

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