Bob Henderson

Scream Club and Electrosexual at the RVT last night

What time was it? Partytime.

We've got a lot of love for Cindy et Sarah, et Electrosexual, who took to the tiny Royal Vauxhall Tavern stage last night in matching monochrome outfits.

They did a short but brilliant set of their pop-rap, digging out the old classic And You Belong, with personal favourites Girl You Look Expensive and Life of a Heartbreaker. As ever, the girls' banter was spot on and even six years after first seeing them play we still leave their shows feeling all warm and loved and inspired to go and do something.


Okay, it's no Telephone (props for the Lohan 'cameo'), but it's made by SSION, we keep meaning to tell you about him/them and will do in due course...

Anyway that's sorted our soundtrack for the day, while we daydream about moving to Berlin, joining a genderqueer dance-troupe-performance-art-collective and making DIY hi-glam pop videos funded by colllecting pfands on discarded beer bottles. Not that we've thought about it before.

(p.s. every Tuesday at the RVT is the wonderful Bar Wotever, and they've an event at the Scala coming up on 13th Nov...)

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