Bob Henderson

Psychoville Halloween Special


Clowns and hookers, the perils of recycling, Dale Winton, a new pair of eyes (you'll never see EastEnders the same way) and a Dennis Nilson impersonator.

They're classic ingredients for a Halloween special, drawing on every cliche - the hitchhiker, pumpkins, the creepy video tape, the haunted house.... but of course this being Psychoville, it's ten shades darker and twisted as fuck.

One of the things that made us scream the loudest was the trailer for Series 2. WE WANT TO SEE IT NOW. In those fleeting seconds, we even picked up a new way of answering the phone.

Trust us, you'll all be doing it.

Psychoville Halloween Special is on 10pm Sunday 31st October, BBC Two. Watch their creepy video over 'ere.

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There's a BBC Worldwide competition (UK only) running up to Halloween to promote the Psychoville Halloween Special - you can win Series 1 of Psychoville on Twitter. The profile is @ClipsAndBits and the YouTube channel is

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25/10/2010 17:28:47