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The Gee Spot 22.10.2010

I’m actually just eating a Bounty bar and thinking to myself, is sex better than chocolate? Well of course it is. Chocolate is amazing as it gives us that instant gratification and make us feel warm inside… but that’s nothing compared to the electricity of sex. Kissing someone, fumbling with their clothes to tear them away from the body and touch skin-on-skin with someone you just can’t wait to be connected intimately with is superior to anything else we, as human beings can ever feel. And then the power of the climax is so exhilarating it makes us tingle and shake with ultimate pleasure – how can chocolate ever compare to that? (Unless of course it’s a Bounty – boy that was good!)

Luckily we don’t need to find another guy (or others) to find our inner heaven. We can stick on some porn and imagine we’re the ones in the film while we wank off, remembering how the suck of a cock or a dick up an arse feels… and this is why I love porn. It also means I have ridiculously high expectations in bed!

If you like your butch, young military men then Hot House has the perfect film for you. Major Asshole is the awesome new film starring Kyle King and the ridiculously gorgeous Alexsander Freitas. I previewed it a few weeks ago in The Gee Spot and now it’s available in stores across the country. And if you fancy a Hot House binge this weekend check out Reckless and Reckless 2 on the site. One of the best porn scenes ever recorded is in Reckless 2 with Kyle King and Cameron Marshall. I know Kyle personally and believe me – he really is that fucking hot!

Speaking of fucking hot, have you seen the new Prowler stores adverts? They’re in all the gay press this week and have to say, I have fallen in lust for Zach Burns who is one of the models. (See above for confirmation.) I helped chose him from a list of models. Unfortunately I couldn’t be on the shoot with him. (More like I wasn’t allowed on the shoot with him. What, am I a sex maniac or something?!?) There’s also some great pics of him covered in mud on He must be at the gym everyday to sustain that body.

You’ll be very pleased to know that not only is he gay, but he also frequents the scene as he DJs in London. Just remember bitches, that boy is mine!

The pants he’s sporting are the very fashionable and beautifully fitted Frank Dandy undies. There’s also a brand new Diesel range in at the moment. I love Deisel underwear, they feel really good on and believe me, you don’t need Zach’s body for them to look good either. Though I would love his body – or at least to lick it all over.

I’ll have to wait till pay day to get my monthly stack of underwear, it’s just a shame I can’t have Zach’s used ones… on my face!

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