Jamie Tabberer

Pop Maths #2

Epic beards + gruff folk + Scottish accents + Britney Spears - Britney Spears = Kassidy

It's been a long week, dear readers, and Team GT are in need of a good lie down having put together another wonderful issue for you all. Which means it's that time of the month where, brain power utterly spent, we wax on and on in a stream of consciousness about some musical outfit we like while littering our observations with random and overused pop music and culture references. But stay with us, because what we're punting today is actually quite good (though when aren't the things we punt quite good? What, you're telling me you DIDN'T buy one of these last year?).

This is Glasgow-based four piece Kassidy. We caught a London gig of theirs last week and were highly impressed.

Now then. Michael Jackson had the sparkly military jackets (what a hilarious hybrid of campery and masculinity). Madonna had the cone bra, the cowboy hat, the bindi set, and now the veins. Even Miley Cyrus has her blonde Hannah Montana wig that looks like it weighs twice as much as her. Cher Lloyd (of whom this GT writer is apparently a lone, but desperate, avid supporter) has her clown make up.

Basically, all good pop stars need an image gimmick. And Kassidy are on to a good one - they each sport beards, but all of a different genre. The above picture doesn't quite demonstrate my point, but in the flesh, one had a bird's nest, one had a Beppe from Eastenders thing going on, the sexy blonde one had some dusty stubble, and the fourth had a nice full, auburn-looking shag. We like this, the variety. Which would you be? It's like the Spice Girls all over again.

Oh and the music's ace too. This is Stray Cat. Just listen to it. My god. It's such barnstorming, adrenaline-pumped, folksy gold...fuck it, fuck the Friday lull, we're sweeping out desks clear, getting up and having a jig. Bless my soul, it's like this all the time here. Fucking riotous.

No really, it is. And we also make people precede us, holding up mirrors in front of us as we walk, just like the Kassidy boys in the video.

Head over to their MySpace to hear more.

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