Gay brothers play together

The Gee Spot 15.10.2010

Hello and welcome to another weekly blog to whet your sexual appetites from your resident sex guru. (I am so coining that title.) It’s grey and miserable outside and it’s only gonna get colder so what better time to get yourself out and find someone to snuggle up to and keep you warm throughout winter. But remember, a boyfriend is not just for Christmas… there’s your birthday to consider as well!

So where’s good to pick up this weekend? Soho’s always good, but if it’s cold then you don’t want to be trolling the streets. Vault 139 in London on the other hand is a great all day and night sex club with bar. So you can shag your brains out and chat over a beer afterwards all under one roof. The Nightingale Club in Birmingham is a great club in the centre of the gay hub. It might be a few years since I’ve been, but have always managed to pull there. And Acqua in Blackpool is great place to release your pent up sexual urges. You can also pick up the new Deep aroma in all the venues to make your night that little bit more exciting. (Or grab some online.)

Now each week I’ve been going on about great porn films that you’ve just gotta see. The problem there of course is that not everyone has access to a licensed sex shop. Well, now you don’t have to miss out as a brand new website has launch which in the next few weeks will have all the best studios and latest titles at the click of a button. Prowler TV is still on soft launch so content is still being updated daily, but it’s already looking amazing and if you join up before December they double your money. If you put £5 into your account you get £10, if you put £500 you get £1000. How cool is that.

Here are some great titles to start you off Cum to Daddy , Black Ty Affair (not even out on DVD until December – and it’s bloody good) and Semen Obsession.

My brother Max is coming to stay with me this weekend. Looking forward to catching up and going on the piss in Soho with him on Saturday. (And probably heading back to mine for a SingStar competition – I usually win.) We’re both gay and we are our parents only children – so no grand kids for them. (Sorry Mum!)

We’ve been playing an online computer game together on and off for about two years so even though he’s in Yorkshire while I’m in London, we get to speak and play together most days. (The game is World of Warcraft for anyone who’s into computer games. The new expansion comes out in December, so we’re all very excited. You can see the trailer here.)

Will be good to see Max this weekend though and I get to meet his new boyfriend who I’ve been told is really nice. Hmmm, I’ll be the judge of that!

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