GTea Break

"Let's Take Our Clothes Off Again......"

Glee covers Rocky Horror. Men take their clothes off. We are bigger fans.

Lady Gaga. Madonna. Coldplay. Rhianna. Kanye West. Journey. Cher. Aretha Franklin. These are bands that Glee has either awesome-of-ied or kicked in the arse in the last few years.

But for no reason this becomes an afterthought as Matthew Morrison (Mr Schuester) and Cory Monteith (Finn) and others become half naked in a forthcoming episode when they cover the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not sure why or what this leads to.... *Loads Rocky Horror instantly into DVD player*

Want a tantalising little tease? Well we can't really get hold that much apart from the trailers straight from the US, so you've only got 20 seconds or so. We know what you will be doing for the next half an hour or so.


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