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This is almost as bad as when Hera Bjork (Iceland Mary) was robbed at Eurovision

But not quite. It's the end of the dream for Nicolo....

We're quite sad Nicolo got knocked out so brutally, so early. Diva Fever just can't cut the Eurotrash look (and lord rest our ears, the sound) so dashingly. That Wagner and Storm also got through... well, we hope the voting public are proud of themselves.

Love Dannii, but what was she thinking with that song choice? There has not been one person ever in the history of reality TV that has managed to touch a Lady Gaga song and live to tell the tale - but do correct us if we're wrong. Thing is, Gaga is produced within an inch of its life, and no matter how great your set of lungs, you're always going to sound weedy. And the backing track is always going to sound like a keyboard demo.

Fans, dancers, shades. All wasted. If Nicolo had been given the dignity of a sing-off, he could've done a stripped back, soul baring number to wow the judges and realise the boy can sing if he's given the right song. Roll on the G-A-Y club tours....


P.P.S. "lucky pierre".

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