All work and no play gives Terry a raging boner!

The Gee Spot 08.10.2010

Have to start by saying Back to the Future on the big screen last Friday was amazing. Perfect picture, incredible surround sound and a storyline that just never gets old. Loved it.

Anyway, that’s now in the past, so let’s get back to the present. (Hehehe.) I have worked my guts out this week watching so much porn it’s untrue. I feel like some porn addict. Hmmm, I suppose I am – but I prefer the term porn guru if you don’t mind.

So what’s hot this week? The infamous and fantastic Chi Chi LaRue says Fuck U to naff porn and provides a tongue-in-cheek ‘how to’ guide on making your own porn films. Not only is this the funniest, most outrageous release to date it also has the likes of Brent Everett and Michel Rock performing, making the sex fantastic to watch as well. Also out this week is the brand new release from Bel Ami. After thousands of requests, the studio has finally brought their two biggest stars together, Kris and Dolph.

As you may or may not know, my biggest fetish is smoking. I love it. I love doing it and seeing hot guys smoke. Unfortunately, it’s a niche fetish and you don’t see many porn films with smoking in. Luckily youtube is inundated with hot guys smoking (including myself). I also discovered a new website today dedicated to cigar smokers.
I joined in my lunch break so not had time to check it out properly yet – but is looking kinda hot already.

The main problem with a smoking fetish is you need one hand to smoke and another to wank, forgetting all about your arse. That’s where this plug comes in handy. It literally screws into your hole to give you pleasure as you wank and you don’t have to worry about it popping out.

And if you want to know how sexy men smoking can be – take a look through Joe Oppedisano’s book Uncensored. There are some really hot guys smoking in there including one muscled wrestler (pictured above) who melts my heart every time I see him. (I have that picture at my desk at work.)

I have another night of porn watching ahead of me and then out for drinks on Saturday in Shoreditch. Believe me, after the amount of work I’ve done this week, I’m looking forward to getting pissed and having some filthy sex... Will let you know how it goes next week.

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