Bob Henderson

Going in for the (product placement) overkill.

It was that or "Going in for Querelle" or "Belle boy". It's the US video for La Roux.

Don't get us wrong, we bloody love this song. We still love it after a US make over with keyboard tinkles and new backing vocal arrangements:

BUT can we just talk about that appalling product placement? At first we thought 'Ah, HAIRSPRAY... how knowing, how most modern, how ironic'. Then she plonked down that bottle of.. what was it, Selvedere? No wonder she doesn't crack a smile and has gritted teeth throughout...

Having said that we do love a quiff, and were quite tempted by the mini Cheryl Cole Ellenet, so maybe the promise of a Roux quiff would sway us. And the whole sailor, prawn ring, alice in wonderland, voyeuristic sex hotel vibe is *Cheryl voice* right up our street. *Dannii voice* Oi wasn't expecting that - at awl!.

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