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We've got more freebies to give away this month...

Subscribe to GT now for only £35 and we'll give you 13 issues of the magazine PLUS a free skin supplement worth £39.95.

That's a saving of 32% off the cover price each month and delivery is free, discreet, and your copy will arrive before it's available in the shops.

And now for the science bit:

Imedeen's man-age-ment is the new, easy and efficient way to good-looking skin. Two tablets daily work in the dermis – the deep layer untouched by traditional grooming products – to boost and improve skin performance from the inside out.

It’s one small step in the daily routine – a giant leap for the skin of mankind.

Scientifically shown to improve skin quality, reduce visible signs of aging and give skin an overall softer, smoother appearance.

This offer is only available this month so be quick!

See November's issue for the full terms and conditions

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