No sex please, we're in the gym

The Gee Spot 24.09.2010

I have had no sex all week! I know, shock horror or what? I was at my boyfriend’s house for a party on Saturday and drank so much champagne I fell unconscious at about 3am and when I awoke the next day my head was too sore to contemplate anything other than drinking gallons of water. Then every night this week I’ve been playing computer games and hibernating from the horrible weather.

So, whilst not going out, I’ve been watching a lot of porn DVDs. (Oh the joys of the hand.) I watched Chi Chi LaRue’s new film Little Big League 4: Grand Slam all the way through. The story is really funny and well executed, the boys are hot, hot, hot and the sex is great. Had to watch it in 4 spurts of course! I think Brent Everett must live in the gym to keep that amazing six-pack. (I just want to lick him all over.) I also watch Cum to Daddy in finer detail. My goodness the sex is horny. Big, hairy bears fucking the life out of hot, younger guys. They’re both in the shops now, so seeing as it’s shit weather, get a hold of them… and then yourself.

I’ve also been roped into review products for the next Prowler catalogue. Well, when I say roped… (Please, please, please can I review them?) Now I’m sexually a top. Not particularly because I want to be exclusively a top but because I’m such a wimp, I can’t take it up my hole. (And you thought tops were tough!) So the boys at Prowler suggested I try the Naughty Boy. It’s a curved prostate massager that vibrates. It’s not too big and perfectly shaped to fit inside. And you know what, it was bloody amazing. I dunked it in some Lubrifist first and slowly inserted it. (More easily than I thought after seven years.) The vibration shakes the G-Spot and in my case the Gee spot - and gave me one of the best orgasms I’ve had in ages. Works very well whilst watching Brent Everett pound some arse. I still wouldn’t call myself a bottom boy… just yet; I would like to be more versatile though, I really hate missing out on anything.

We had a hair debate in the office this week. As you’ve probably realized by now, I like my men to have short (usually dark) hair. So I was in shock when the new Dieux du Stade calendar was released and the front cover is of a very buff, attractive man with long hair. In my opinion, he could do with shaving it all off - but even with hair you can see he’s stunning. The Dieux du Stade calendars have become a “must-have” accessory for the modern gay man. Even when the year is over, calendars can still retail for up £60 as the imagery is incredible and the French rugby players that model are always beautiful looking with ridiculously toned bodies.

I sometimes contemplate what I’d look like with a beautifully sculpted body and then remember I love food and hate the gym, so sod it!

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