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Attention all Sondheim-ites

Drag Diary #22

Get yourselves over to Camden tonight, tomorrow night, or even Thursday night as the Drama Queens, London’s only drag queen theatre company, take to the Black Cap stage once more with their own special interpretation* of Sweeney Todd.

Yup, you read that correctly.

Drag queen theatre company.

We can only imagine the auditions.

Anyone who saw their Sound of Music earlier in the year will know what to expect, but if you’re still wondering we’ve been reliably informed it'll be every bit as madcap, but with a fair amount more blood. Just like Seaworld, we imagine the first few rows will get wet...

But to compensate for that they’re giving out meat pies. Plus, you’ll get a chance to eye up the lovely Tanya Hyde in the role of Joanna. What do you mean we’re obsessed with her?

Anyway, there’s more information here.

And FINALLY we have a completely legitimate excuse to share a bit of classic Angela Lansbury.

*No actual likeness to the original guaranteed whatsoever in any way, shape or form.

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