Beauty is a Beast

The Gee Spot 17.09.2010

I’m on every gay social networking site going, not just to meet guys but I also love chatting to people.

I have loads of really hot friends who are also really great people. Unfortunately, us as the judgmental gay men we are, look at hot guys and think they’ll be arrogant and unpleasant. From the people I know, this is far from the truth. I will chat to anyone. If I don’t fancy them, it doesn’t mean I’m gonna snub them. If you ever see me around London, say hi. If I’m drunk I’m very likely to start waffling on about Disney though, just to warn you. I was told the other day that it was cute. Cute? I was pissed out of my mind, in full leather smoking a cigar. Cute is not the word I’d have used. Anyway, seeing as I’ve already mentioned Disney, Beauty and the Beast is being re-released in November on Blu-ray and DVD. I’ve had it pre-ordered for months. (I know; it’s an addiction!)

If you wanna look good, you’ve got to look after yourself. Moisturiser is great for skin beauty but to get rid of the inner badness, you’ll need to douche. There’s a great one on the Prowler website and what’s good about the StreemMaster is if like me you have a fixed showerhead, this comes with the perfect accessory for fixing to your shower. And when you’re feeling beautiful inside and out, get a bit of bling on with these new earings. I’ve seen quite a few guys wearing these and they do look hot. I have my earlobes stretched so can’t put these in anymore; otherwise I’d buy them.

It’s all well looking great, feeling great and getting loads of hot sex, but nothing beats a bit of “me” time. (Which is why I’m so addicted to porn I guess!) There are loads of great, new films out this month to suit everyone’s tastes. For the bear lovers - Cum to Daddy from Butch Dixon is out next week and for some black-on-black action, Real Urban Men have just released New York’s Hottest Top Model. If you like twinks, then Bel Ami have two amazing films out at the moment – The Orgies Collection and The Private Life of Ariel Vanean. There’s even a Falcon release out this month with Summer Heat. Grab a few beers, sit at home and have fun on your own. There’s always Grindr tomorrow night!

I’m gonna try jacking off after taking some Rampant tonight. I’ve had sex on it and it was great, but wondered what it would be like on my own. Seeing as I have all of the aforementioned films, a free night and a box of Rampant, why not. I can’t have a late one tonight anyway as tomorrow I shall be out protesting the Pope’s visit in London and eyeing up the hot guys who care… Is it wrong to pull at a religious rally?

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