GTea Break

“This is not how I send out a gift.”

Gentlemen, we give you Tim The Intern.

He’s an Irishman in New York, working at People’s Revolution. People’s Revolution is a fashion PR firm run by the fabulous Kelly Cutrone. Kelly Cutrone doesn’t take any shit so we love her too (and fear her in equal proportions, as well as kind of wanting to be her).

Witness as she loses it when the interns mess up the goody bags for the editors:

“No tissue paper?”

“No tissue paper, no label.”

*look of horror*

Obviously we’d forgive Tim for the mistake. Maybe give him a smacked bottom, depends how the mood takes us.

FYI, if you’re a PR reading this we’ll take any old shit, we don’t care how you wrap it.

The ‘American reality docudrama’ Kell On Earth is on DMAX (that’s Sky Channel 144/Virgin 172) on Sundays at 10pm.

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