Bob Henderson

Clap your hands if you're working too hard...

*clap clap* and three cheers for The Tings Tings

We're properly obsessed with the new single from The Ting Tings. Every now and then and song comes along and gets a complete battering on repeat. Hera Bjork did it for us all those months ago, Robyn still does it for us even now and and of course who can forget (answer: everyone) Dragonette, who seem to be destined to be only played by a handful of jibbering gay journalists. We still get a little bit happy listening to the Richard X mix of Pick Up The Phone.

ANYWAY. The new song by The Ting Tings is called Hands and it is 'one of those' songs. 48 plays and counting since it arrived in the office, not including the youtube viewings. It's a perfect comeback single, it sounds like Smalltown Boy, it's about working too hard and dancing at the weekend. We would show you the video, but thanks to four of our least favourite words in the worst possible combination: (Embedding disabled by request) you'll have to make do with this little link. That sweaty bloke wiping his face with a black rubber glove is in the video too.

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