Drag Diary

“I love that the straight kid entered the competition…”

Drag Diary #21

So do we. We also chuckled at “Hannah Montana I LOVE YOU!” and Air New Zealand as a whole. Not forgetting of course, drag queen flight attendants.

So, that’s about it for this week. Despite booking the day off on Monday, the suffering from last weekend’s Soho Pride continues. And yes, we’re still refusing to call it “Soho’s Pink Sunday” as that sounds just a teensy bit shite, no?

One final thing, did anyone else know that Halfway to Heaven is actually NOT the worst place to spend a drunken evening in London?

What with Lady Imelda’s Glam Jam every Wednesday (we were there last week, we’ll be back again tomorrow), Sundays with Kelly and Crystal, Tanya Hyde and Mrs Moore, and a smack-bang-right-in-the-middle-of-London-town location, it’s amazing that this place has been off our radar for so long.

You could do a lot worse than checking out their website.

And just for good measure, why not check out Air New Zealand while you’re at it. ‘parrently they’ve got a sale on or something…

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