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The Gee Spot 10.09.2010

Was just scoffing a bag of pickled onion Monster Munch and got crispy bits all over the keyboard. It’s not a bad as getting spunk all over your keyboard, though I don’t have that problem as I watch most of my porn at work… I know – how cool is that?

Films I’ve been watching recently: New York’s Hottest Top Model is a brand new release from all black (and some Latino) studio Real Urban Men. The men are hot the sex is exciting and the guys are really into each other and love getting cock up their holes. The film came out this week so grab it while you can. Next is Cum to Daddy from all bear studio Butch Dixon. Beefy, hairy men fucking younger guys in the studio’s first film. Not only is there a mass shortage of “bear” porn, this is the best I’ve seen, and the sex is bloody awesome. Cum to Daddy will be in stores next week.

But it’s not just my recommendations in porn you’re wanting today is it… you want the juicy gossip from Folsom Europe. All I have to say is WOW! This is my third year running and was just as awesome as the first time. I actually had less sex this year though as I know loads of people that go. As I explained to my brother, Max (he’s gay as well) it’s less about the sex and more about being around so many like-minded guys and being accepted in fetish gear. Sounds like hokum I know, but it is true and you get to meet loads of great people from all over the world. It just happened that I met all the stunning ones and got the most snogs. (And the most cold sores when I got home.)

Jon and I went to the PIG party on Saturday night in Berlin’s old Mint factory; Huge space, amazing music, a massive, well-equipped dungeon and 4,000 guys in gear. And where did Jon and I spend most of our time? That’s right, downing champagne in the VIP lounge. Got home at 7am after losing my wallet, 50 Euros and what little dignity I had left.

There’s a short video I made of the street fair and Berlin on YouTube if you want to see me in a leather biker suit.

But Folsom was last week and this week is Soho’s Pink Sunday. It’s basically Soho Pride but for one reason or another isn’t called that any more. I’ve been previous years and it’s full of hot guys having a laugh, drinking loads and copping off. (A David expression.) Should be good fun though. It starts at midday in Soho (obviously) and goes on until you pass out.

I recently saw the BBC TV series Beautiful People. Yes I know I’m behind the times, but I don’t watch TV unless it’s in HD. Anyway, if you’ve seen it, did you know it came from the real life stories of Simon Doovan? I know. I was shocked too. You can buy the book the series was based on. Just got mine, so looking forward to seeing how “true” the series was. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at this clip …so gay!

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