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Drag queens, lady-boys and Shirley bloody Bassey

Drag Diary #20

That’s Miss Kimberley. We heart her. In fact, we heart her so much we’re gonna tell you all about her latest show at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern next week. Thursday 16 September - put it in your diaries.

“A Tranny is Born” is an autobiographical look back at Miss Kimberley’s journey from small town American gal to drag queen extraordinaire, by way of the New York School of Performing Arts, Studio 54 (yes, THE Studio 54! *Gasps* With Andy Warhol and EVERYTHING!) and of course, the Powder Room at Heaven.

Which has all culminated in her standing alongside a group of Soho muscle boys in tiny pants. Here’s hoping they’re in the show too...

In fact, Kimber (can we call you Kimber?) is just so incredibly trannytastic that she’s even got her own celeb chat show on QUOD TV.

All that, AND she likes a nice bit of Dame Shirl from time to time as well.

We’re not ones for copying and pasting full press releases into our blogs (anymore), so if you want to know all the juicy details you can read up on the show HERE.

Or for a mere five English pounds you can buy tickets in advance.

And as long as we’re on the subject, the divine Miss K will be joined by Queer Eye cutie Julian Bennett a bit later in the month (Sunday 26 September to be exact) as she hosts, wait for it, the Mango Tree’s annual Mr and Mrs Lady-Boy competition.

It all sounds very The King and I.

And yes, it’s probably going to be every bit as gay. But with first place winning a flight to Thailand as well as a selection of cold, hard, cash prizes up for grabs, we recommend you crack out your finest Deborah Kerr/Elaine Paige/Lady Imelda* impression and get involved.

*Delete as appropriate depending on personal taste, or lack thereof.

Here’s the website.

And here’s the number you need to call to enter as a contestant or reserve your tickets: 020 7823 1888.

(You can expect it to be engaged for pretty much the rest of the day - we've just uploaded it to speed dial.)

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