Jamie Tabberer

Five things we discovered at last night's screening of Kick-Ass

as part of the Russian Standard Vodka Film Festival.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we sat poised in the front row at the launch of the Russian Standard Vodka Film Festival last night.

It launched with a screening of Brit-flick superhero effort Kick-Ass, which was preceded by a Q&A with one of its creators (not Jonathan Ross's wife - isn't it random that she was involved in it? Although it would've been cool to meet her and to have admired that flame coloured hair in person, so long us she'd kept hubby locked in the car outside), comic book writing veteran and King of the Geeks Mark Millar.

Here are five things we discovered from the experience.

Number one.

When paired with ginger beer, Russian Standard Vodka tastes nice (or, rather, its quite tasteless because its such high quality, i.e. you forget your drinking it, i.e. you turn into a *in Linda La Hughes voice* 'right show up.')

Number two.

Mark Millar recognises, accepts, embraces and indeed loves his gay fans. And he thinks we have more money to buy comics and DVDs apparently.

Number three.

Mark Millar called the comic on which the film is based 'Kick-Ass' because he wanted a title with the word ass in it. We think he has a point. There's profundity in this simplicity, no? Had us wondering what life would be like if yours truly were renamed Gay Ass Times.

Number four.

A sequel to Kick-Ass is in the works. Which, depending on your school of thought, means either:

a) A second installment of high-octane action, stunning visuals, a true 21st-century comic book story with added YouTube and MySpace brought to life; all laced with the sight of Aaron Johnson (is it just us or does he look slightly like a younger Emile Hirsch in this?) and his lycra-covered, taut backside wiggling as he hotfoots it around the grimy streets of not-Gotham City. Standard homoerotic reference DONE.

or b) A couple more hours of cocky, unpleasant little characters engaging in tasteless, pointless, humorless violence capped off with the sound of a pre-pubescent girl uttering the C word (the only kid who gets away with that is Regan MacNeil, sorry) before getting kicked in the face.

Number five.

If this film is to believed, it is funny and cute when straight boys pretend to be gay to get closer to girls. Good to know.

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