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The Queens of Drag: NYC

Drag Diary #19

It’s a web series. About drag queens. In NYC.

Tell us more, tell us more! Well, homo networking site has teamed up with a load of fancy TV and film producers to make a brand new eight-episode documentary. And it debuts exclusively here on September 8th.

That’s next week. Well, we were getting a bit bored with Drag U anyway. Hurrah! Now we have something new to obsess about.

There’s an official trailer if you follow the link above, but we were damned if we could figure out a way to share it through this blog, so for the time being just take a look at this instead.

Sure, it’s got absolutely nothing to do with anything we’ve just written, but it’s relatively new and mainstream and it promotes equality and acceptance among the drag community.

But mainly the son’s just really, really hot.

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