In anticipation of the X Factor excitement…

*does the voice* Get your listening gear... around this!

Unless you’ve been so concerned about Cheryl that you’ve been unable to concentrate on anything at all, or you’ve been too busy formulating a plot to make Joe McElderry your BF/BFF, you’ll know that the NEW SERIES OF X-FACTOR STARTS THIS WEEK.

*Small bit of excitement wee comes out*

Now in order to sate your purchasing desires until the official single is released in about 17 ½ weeks time the wonderful Peter Dickson (he of the booming voice who happens to be the voiceover man for the X Factor) has joined up with three rather lush looking lovelies called the Shakettes and released “Shake It” for your listening pleasure.

It’s a rather catchy ditty (with no embedding, clickety click), rather along the lines of the the Fastfood Rockers or Las Ketchup, something fun & a little bit silly, that we guarantee will be filling the floors of the G-A-Ys, Revenges and Poptastics of this land quite soon.

Our A-Gay DJ in residence, the rather lovely Mr Scott Millshake is championing the song on his Radio 1 show, and we feel that you should join his campaign.

If Mr Mills’ unimpeachable taste isn’t enough to get you involved, the song has been produced in conjunction with ShakeAway, a Bournemouth based business that has over 5 million customers in the UK. The best bit about this company, shakes aside, is that its run by two gayers, so your supporting your businessgays as well.

Go to to download the song, and follow them on Twitter @theshakettes. Do this and I promise not to make any jokes about Milkshakes bringing boys to the yard. I also promise not to do my Kelis impression…

Words: Andrew Gonsalves

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