Bob Henderson

The hottest, gayest, Israeli pop video you'll watch this *cough* Tuesday.

Gay song, gay video, gay singer - hugging, threesomes, drag queen, THE WORKS.

Say hello to Yehonathan: (NB: It is technically 'Safe For Work', though it's about as racy as you can get without showing anything that would need lube)

We didn't know much about Yehonathan until about 3 minutes and 14 seconds ago, but we've found out he has an English language album called My Turn (greedy!) which you can find on his website, And he does like a roll around with the mens in most of his videos. Topless, obviously. We might rename Wednesdays* to YehonathanDay and show one every week.

* We wrote this blog on tuesday and put wednesday, but you might actually read this on wednesday anyway, so just pick a day a we'll call it quits, yeah? x

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Not only Yehonathan is the only hot and openly gay in Israel. Try Ivri Lider (video to song Bo, or Jesse, Aluf Olam and many others) or Amir Faye Guttman (hot video Margish). ;) that's whh I love Israel :)

Added by atsbani

17/08/2010 23:07:25