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London’s Next Top Tranny

Drag Diary #17

It’s back! Although, we have to admit we’d never heard of London's Next Top Tranny before, so to us it’s not “back” it’s just “here” but nonetheless, it’s WELL worth a blog.

We’re assuming it’ll be something like this.

But with drag queens obvs. Which means it might be a little more like this.

But whatever it’s like, it promises a night of glamour, backstabbing and tears, so get yourselves down to Bethnal Green’s Working Men’s Club and join the Fabulous Russella as she catwalks through the competition to uncover the very best of London's trannies.

Or maybe you wanna break out your stilettos, tuck your business between your legs and get involved? In which case you should email to register. You’ll be judged by a panel of *drum roll please* special celebrity guests on your performance ability, overall look, cat-walking and cookery skills.

The qualifying heats are Wednesday 8th, 15th and 22nd of September, with a Grand Final on Thursday 30th.

There’s a website here but it will basically give you the same information, except without the entertaining YouTube clips.

Speaking of which, for a bit of tranny-tastic inspiration and fresh from her performance on last Friday's Weakest Link drag queen special (for reals) here’s the hostess herself.

Ummm… Russella? You’re like, well fierce. Will you be our girlfriend please?

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