Horns and Halos

The Gee Spot 13.08.2010

I’ve tried to theme today’s selection of sex, filth and gratuitous nakedness around the fact it’s Friday the 13th. When looking into the superstition and history surrounding this date, the main theory dates back to the 14th Century when the Pope and the King of France had become increasingly threatened by the power the knights Templar had amassed and so had most of them murdered on Friday 13th October 1307.

Friday the 13th is also famous for the masked, undead serial killer Jason from the films of the same name. If you want to get into the spirit of the season, there’s a myriad of different masks at Expectations you could try out. They don’t have Jason’s hockey mask but there are some equally scary/horny ones.

I was flicking through (not off) some magazines the other day when I saw a chat line ad. Now in these days of internet dating I’ve always thought “what’s the point?” but at 10p (and using the work phone) I decided to give it a go. Strangely, there were tons of guys on there, even in the daytime. If I hadn’t been at my desk I could have met up with “Dave” (not his real name me thinks) whose just two streets away. Have got his number and said we could meet up next week for a drink, but the guy I’m seeing has just got back from New York so I doubt I will. Although a horny sounding leather slave seconds away from work is very tempting. The number, should you want to give it a go is 08715223469*. But don’t touch Dave, he’s mine… maybe.

And from masked sexual demons to gods, Gods of Sport that is. I’ve actually got the calendar at home on my bedroom wall but now have to get the book too as the men are so hot. The models are professional rugby players and after seeing them it’s no wonder why they get paid so much.

Horns and Halos is the new film from CockyBoys and will be in shops from Monday. (See picture above) At last, a real insight into the straight boys world as they jack off on camera purely for gay entertainment. These guys are exactly the kind of cock-sure lads you see in the street or out in the bars and are now wanking off on camera for our enjoyment. But if you can’t wait until Monday, Wood Work by Hot House has just been released and features Kyle King on his knees begging for cock – now that’s worth anyone’s money! Set in a woodwork factory, this is a great film of blue-collar workers doing what we all know they do on the quiet.

Men are on hold for me this weekend as my best girlfriend, Spange has made the long journey from Bolton to London to spend the weekend with me. It’s gonna be so good to see her but I know by Monday I’ll be gagging for sex. I’ve got Dave’s number on standby.

Click here for gratuitous nakedness from Gods of Sport.

* 18+ Calls cost 10p min. Mobiles may vary. APN LS11 8BP. Customer Service: 08701242542

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