Scissor Sister's new Any Which Way Video.... Kylie No-Show

Gratuitous naked men though, hurrah.

The only reasons we mention Kylie is 'cos she dropped by for a little singin' and a bumpin' and a grindin' when we saw the sistas perform at Glastonbury. Pretty spesh. Anyway, comparing notes, here's what we said about this track in the July Issue: - Watch and read at the same time.

Any Which Way
The omnipresent rave horn kicks things off, this track being the swaggering, older, wiser, sister to Filthy/Gorgeous, all about being fucked in every imaginable position. Ana Matronic finally comes into her own with an incredible spoken word section about being so desperate for a shag you’d take them in front of your own parents.
Gayometer: Off the scale
Sounds like: Wild Cherry

So we'll still stand by that then, though the Wild Cherry reference was a bit off, apart from Del's firework-hat-guitar solo.

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