Madonna, celebrating. Alright?

Punk, Sunday, Ja.

The grande dame of pop turns 52 this year, though you wouldn’t believe it – unless you look at the hands, they give it all away. To commemorate the birth of the Virgin [coughs] Madonna, Punk nightclub, on the edge of London’s Soho is hosting a celebratory night dedicated to her and her music on Sunday 15 August.

The line up of artists in attendance is as diverse as Her Madgesty’s image changes, including tranny extraordinaire the Very Miss Dusty O, Author Paul Burston (editor of the magnificent Boys & Girls, reviewed in GT last month) and more of the glitterati of the London scene. Doubtless we’ll see a rendition of the Madonna/Britney moment, and, I sincerely hope, someone will pitch up with a Luz-a-like. Well a gay can dream, can’t he?

There’s a special guest promised at midnight, Guy perhaps, as The Punchbowl closes at 11? Chris Ciccone, not that I’m suggesting he’d ever cash in on his sister’s success… Though I’ll be over the moon if it turns out to be Sandra Bernhardt.

This promises to be the party of the year, or at least the week – Manchester Pride, the mother of all parties, being a couple of weeks later…

I urge you to get into this particular groove, I mean it’s a whole night dedicated to Madonna, which really is all the excuse anyone needs. Now could someone tell me whether excessive voguing is an acceptable justification for a sick day?

Words: Andrew Gonsalves

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