Better Than Sex - a new show on at The Courtyard Theatre

Better? Really though?

There are plenty of things that are, (though it’s eminently possible/probable that I’ve just had some incredibly bad encounters of the carnal kind), but this?

Well, to be fair, it was quite entertaining. The lack of people in the audience took some of the shine away at the start of the show, but at I’m willing to put this down to the fact that it was a – preview night and b – Wednesday night. And there’s the fact that no one had heard of it, including me. Note to company, I advise you to tell people about your show, doing so works wonders for your audience numbers, really it does.

Anyhoo, I digress. The show itself was quite entertaining, in a high-camp, low-rent kind of way. It’s a bit like an episode of Sunset Beach, a lowbrow set, and slightly wooden acting in some places, but made completely watchable by the scheming of Annie Douglas.

Well this show’s Annie, in comparable orphan attire (well a pair of leggings which [smiles] left very little to the imagination) was Butler, played admirably by Duncan Wilkins, who stole those bits of the show that would be worth anything on the black market.

Aside from being really quite fit in a skinny-boy way, his comic timing was perfect, as was his mimicry of Tony Blair, quite on a par with Rory Bremner’s take on the man.

And as far a high-camp (and by that I mean Dance Tent at Brighton Pride high, rather than the vertiginous variety) was concerned, Olivia Simpson’s take on the German whore, was a masterpiece. Though to be quite honest I think she could’ve looked like she enjoyed the dominatrix role a bit more, I mean everyone likes a bit of gentle spanking don’t they? No? On my own then there. *Fears I may’ve given too much away there*

I won’t give too much away about the plot, primarily because it’s secondary to the play, which was primarily a study in the double-entendre. The score is also really quite well thought out, and if you’re a closet politico you’ll like some of the references to the recent actions of our honourable friends.

Go see, just remember to take LOTS of your friends.

Until 29 August, The Courtyard Theatre, Pitfield Street, London

Words by Andrew Gonsalves
Photo by Zoltan Zubornyak

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