Bob Henderson

Jens Lekman and The Blow at Union Chapel

Samesie pop amazingness written for Lindsay Lohan. ALLEGEDLY.

"We are The Blow" says solo singer Khaela (pictured, guy at the front left and went on to be Yacht), a fascinating oddball performer, self confessed spazz and absolute genius. Her whole set was brilliantly choreographed in such a way as to suggest spontaneous performance. Maybe it was. Cleverly pinned around the (very plausible) premise that she was asked to write some songs for an unnammed very feminine singer-not-known-for-her-singing who was in a very public lesbian relationship. I.e. LiLo. Though she doesnt want to talk about it because the project was shelved, she introduces all the new material as songs that Lohan would've sung, and they are all kinds of amazing, being both true to the pop nous found on The Blow's album Paper Television, while having the demo quality of something like a Lohan track, just short of everythingbuthekitchensink production.

The performance was great on so many levels: Khaela's self deprecating humour, the ability to use simple props and dance so awkwardly and beautifully at the same time in the same way she that somehow managed to incorporate theory and performance so effortlessly. For example, the idea of high femme and the sincerity of a song like Parenthesis being sung by Lohan to her girlfriend, in turn performed by The Blow in what was - allegedly - Lohans very high heeled shoes, her baggy t-shirt totally belted, all framed in this happy accident. I was grinning all the way through her set, and kept thinking about bits of it all the way home.

Jens Lekman was a far more straight forward pleasure. His anecdotes were as amusing, but simpler and confessional, as he worked the acoustics of Union Chapel with some strip backed acoustic numbers, gradually working up the crowd for the dancier indie pop (with some disco thrown in for fun) songs at the end, everyone up on their feet clapping along with a gospel fervour. Great combo of acts, great night out. You're going to have to hot-foot it round Europe to catch it now.

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