Bob Henderson

Today's Youtube distraction, from Japan apparently.

Lots of nubile naked young men, 'fan'nying about.


One of our friends posted this on facebook, we thought we'd share, because we're generous like that.

You'd think with all the effort to hide their private parts and the massive over-sight (they look more shameful and embarrassed than if they'd just swung them about in the open air), that they would've started by throwing those fans instead of saving it for the finale.... However, we do love:

a) the lady-like one (pictured, far right) fanning glitter. You can hide a myriad of sins by throwing around some glitter. *sends memo to Jedward*


c) a spot of rounders. Top holds the bat, bottom/sub trails, holding the fan.

If anyone finds out who this boy band are, do leave us a comment.

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