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The Hot August Fringe? No, we hadn’t heard of it either

Drag Diary #15

Must have missed that memo. This also means we will have missed the first week, but not to fear because there are still another three to go.

From the looks of things it’s one big fabulous mess, featuring gender-bending performances from the likes of Dickie Beau, La John Joseph and Killer Queens. There’s a full run-down of all the acts taking part here, but we couldn’t be arsed to list more than three.

On the downside, certain elements do sound a bit more “performance-arty” than we’d like. If that’s your thing then go knock yourself out, but some of us spent three years struggling through university drama classes and feel just about pretentious enough already thank you very much.

So maybe you’ll get yourself down to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and join in. Maybe you won’t. Or maybe you’ll think about it, but then remember that you live north of the river, in which case it really does seem like an awfully long way to travel.

Luckily, cross-dressing cabaret seems to be all the rage at present as Hoxton’s Courtyard Theatre plays host to a new musical comedy, Better Than Sex. Oh yes, this sounds like just our cup of tea. (Cup of tea, mug of gin, it’s all the same to us.) And with a title like that, expectations are high.

In short it promises transvestite secret agents, lesbian assassins and a rather familiar gay-for-pay butler. (He’s our mate.)

There’ll be a review from us later in the week, but in the meantime you can find out more and book your tickets in advance by waltzing on over to the offish website.

We realise that neither of the cast members above are actually IN drag, but they're both hot and one of 'em has a gun down his pants. Good enough for us.

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